Music – The Natural Aphrodisiac

Music – The Natural Aphrodisiac

Is music life’s natural aphrodisiac?

I was out the other day doing some shopping and couldn’t help feeling overwhelmed by the giant chocolate hearts & oversized teddy bears being shoved in my face by every shop I walked into.  Yeah, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. El dia del amor, the one day of the year that you feel obligated to express just how much you love your partner.  “Big deal”, I thought to myself – I mean how did giving your significant other a 3500 calorie box of chocolates become a thing?  Not to mention the 20 pound stuffed panda bear holding a sign that says “I Love You.”

But…do chocolate and stuffed animals put you in the mood for romance?

Then I thought to myself, “Hmmm, what puts people in the mood?”  Music!!!  Of course, hec I didn’t even have to think twice about it.  Music is a natural aphrodisiac, ooh la la.  Personally, I’ll take a Marvin Gaye CD over a box of chocolates any day!   Then with that thought, I started to wonder.  What is it about music that seduces people and puts them in the mood for hanky panky?  According to scientists, music stimulates the brain in many different ways, and it’s as good as sex!  But I won’t bore you with scientific facts, blah.

What is it about a song that gives people that tingling sensation inside and puts them in a sensual state of mind?  Explicit lyrics, soft whispers, or maybe a deep seductive voice?  Or perhaps there is something about the trance-like instruments and ‘beats’ in certain songs that trigger a spot in the brain and makes people feel free of their inhibitions.  Don’t get me wrong, “Let’s get it on” still holds a special place in my heart – but I prefer anything from Enigma.  I highly recommend ‘Mea Culpa’ or ‘Principles of Lust’.  Don’t knock it till you listen!


With all that being said – who needs chocolate when you have music?

Oysters, chili peppers, whipped cream – who needs the extra calories?  Grab your spouse, light some scented candles & pop in your favorite CD and get lost in life’s natural aphrodisiac – music!

And speaking of music, we have plenty of it on ProCollabs, so swing on by now!

So which song(s) put you in the mood?  Comment below, don’t be shy!

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