8 Best Epiphone Guitar For Metal Music 2021

8 Best Epiphone Guitar For Metal Music 2021

Epiphone is known for its affordable, intermediate-level guitars as well as its excellent heavy metal guitars. Choosing the right Epiphone guitar for metal depends on the sound you want and your budget. Are you looking for a guitar for metal music?

Well, keep on reading. Here’s a quick list of the 8 Best Epiphone Guitar for metal music.

8. Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus EX

For metal musicians, this guitar is an excellent choice. The guitar’s EMG 81/85 pickup set has a high output. 

Its quilted maple top gives Epiphone’s guitar a shimmery finish under the right lighting. The guitar’s thick D-shaped neck features a beautiful rosewood fingerboard.

 It is suitable for many different kinds of music. Whether you’re standing or sitting, it’s easy to play. It holds its tune well, even when played for a little longer.

7. Les Paul Studio

The Les Paul Studio guitar’s body is made of mahogany along with a maple veneer instead of a maple cap. The guitar sounds more like the Standard due to the covered pickups.

 It has a standard three-way pickup switch with two volume knobs. There is a LockTone ABR Tune-o-Matic bridge on the bridge, as well as a Stopbar tailpiece to sustain the tuning (for extended periods).

A very clear, throaty sound is produced when plugged in the Alnico Classic humbuckers.

6. Les Paul Special II

This guitar has a flat, mahogany, and heavy body. (under 10 pounds). The mahogany neck has a rosewood fretboard. 

In addition to the nickel stop bar, the electric guitar has a LockTone Tune-o-Matic bridge. It has a 650R humbucker near the neck and a 700T towards the bridge; both high output pickups. 

Different pickups can be toggled with the three-way switch, which is between the volume and tone knobs.

5. Prophecy Flying V and Flying V

Well known for both hard rock and metal, Flying V is one of the most recognizable guitar shapes.

The body is made of mahogany. Its angular design is based on the 1958 classic. Fast shredding is made possible by the C-shaped neck. 

Build quality is exceptional both for Prophecy and non-Prophecy. There is a three-way pickup selector and knobs for adjusting pickups, volume, and tone.

4. Epiphone Explorer

The guitar’s hefty body creates a deep, thick tone. When played on a strap, it is well-balanced. It also allows access to the upper frets, letting the guitarist reach higher notes.

 Even when the gain is high, the humbucker pickups are great for both bite and bite.  The guitar features a SlimTaper neck and an Indian laurel fretboard. 

The LockTone bridge  Grover tuners and the stop bar assist in stretching out the musical sustainability. Because of its excellent tuning, one does not have to tune it all the time.

3. SG Special

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This guitar has a mahogany body and neck, as well as a Tune-o-Matic bridge. The fretboard is made of Indian Laurelwood.

 It has P90 pickups that blend single-coil and humbucker pickups. Owing to the flexible sound, It’s a great bridge to different genres.

 The pickups offer a wide range of tones. Additionally, it has a D-shaped neck. This guitar has great quality and playability that is straight out of the box.

2. Les Paul Custom

It is one of the most common choices. ProBucker pickups are the main factor to consider; they’re versatile pickups. 

The guitar features an ebony fingerboard and a mahogany body. For a little more versatility, the electronics feature a push-pull coil tap.

 The aged binding and gold hardware give it a cool look. If you’re looking for a thick tone, combine it with a high-gain amp.

1. Epiphone Les Paul Custom Classic Pro

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This guitar has an unmatched overall sound quality. Top-notch material is used to create them. 

The body is made of mahogany; either a rosewood fretboard or an ebony fingerboard. 

The guitar also has a few controls that allow switching between its PAF-style pickups. One can have full tone control with the split-coil and phase options. With its D-shape neck, it is ideal for all finger sizes. 

Using Tune-o-Matic bridges, you can set the in-tune of each string individually by loosening or tightening its screws.

These guitars by Epiphone are excellent choices for metal music. Even though these are not that expensive, each one is crafted with quality and care. You will have a great experience trying them out. 

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