Why Is Music So Important To Us?

Why Is Music So Important To Us?

Music is one of the most significant parts of human life. 

Every human hears or makes music at some point in his life, no matter what culture or where they are from in the world. But the big question above the topic is why music is so important and a big part of humans.

As a pianist who knows a bit about music theory, I understand what sounds good, but to answer why we love music so much, we need to take the perspective from another way.

In this post ill explain precisely why music is so crucial for humans and its impact on us.

Why is music so important

First, before any mental, physical, or cognitive improvement, music is also a symbol of culture and bonding,

Almost every country has its anthem, and every religion has its holidays songs and even songs for prayers. The reason is that music is a language that breaks the difference barrier and connects humans. 

For example, look at significant music events when many people worldwide gather to hear and dance to music. 

Now for the physical improvements.

Music improves health.

As research says, music can improve the gait of people with Parkinson’s disease[1].

Slow music can reduce blood pressure, while fast music can increase blood pressure. 

Furthermore, music can help with stress and anger, well known for their bond with bad health.

Music is also used in the surgeons’ operation room, and studies show that music can improve their surgery[2].

Plus, the music can help with pain, as pain rises when getting paid attention. 


Emotions in music are problematic since you can also ruin your state, and if you listen to a sad type of music even get into a depressed state. 

But, if used correctly could even help with depression.

Now for the cognitive improvements.

Music Improves Cognitive Abilities

Music is excellent for your memory, and it’s not a coincidence that kids learn the ABC firstly through a song. 

I also learned an ancient Greek song in the first grade, and I remember it until today.

Music is just a fun tool to remember things.

Music is also suitable for focus. As written above, even surgeons use it to focus during surgery.

Music is also being used by students, workers, and more to focus and remember or work better. 

Music improves imagination and creativity.

You probably already imagined yourself or the surround while listening to music, as music is like a story. 

To compose, improvise, and write music requires a lot of creativity. And you can express your feelings through it.


We all agree that music can bring joy, from movies, tv shows, bars, clubs, and just from home to relax or get pleasure.

To sum up

Music is an excellent tool for cultural bonding, mental health, physical health, and much more. I suggest everybody use music to improve their life quality, keep your brain young and much more. 

Next time you listen to music or play an instrument, remember it has much more benefits than just fun.

Written by Bear of musicriser

2 thoughts on “Why Is Music So Important To Us?

  1. Lily Bridgers

    I never considered how music is excellent for memory, and it’s no accident that children first learn the ABC through a song. My twins are turning three next week and as a mom who wants the best for them, I needed to hear these things. I will consider buying them a music box with information they can explore and play with so thanks.

  2. Producer Spot

    Music has a profound effect on our emotions. It can uplift our mood, reduce stress, and alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Listening to music releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward, which can enhance overall emotional well-being.

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