Guest Post Guidelines

Hi, and welcome to our little corner of the internet.  We’re pleased that you want to become a part of our small but passionate group of music enthusiasts.  Before you jump into it, we’d like to go over a few guidelines with you.

General Guidelines

  1. Content must be ‘music related’, unique and original, not copy-paste material.
  2. Articles should contain at least 500+ words.
  3. Content must be exclusively published on our blog (not on any other site).
  4. You may attach images to your articles. Please ensure they are of a high quality and don’t appear blurred or distorted. Images may not be obscene, offensive, vulgar, etc.
  5. When using images, please ensure that you have the necessary permission and include any credits as required by the owner. We recommend the use of creative commons images and you should include any credit and references in accordance with the applicable Creative Commons license.
  6. Linking to products or services is not permitted on the Creative Music blog.
  7. All blog posts are reviewed and approved by the Creative Music Blog for quality purposes. We reserve the right to edit content to ensure greater clarity, grammar, punctuation etc., or to refuse publication of the post on the site if deemed inappropriate or unsuitable.

How to register

You can sign up for an account by clicking on this adorable smiley face. tumblr_inline_nvi4xuYeGM1tch6xc_500