Create Free Branding to Promote Your Musical Talents

Create Free Branding to Promote Your Musical Talents

As a musician, you may find it difficult to gain promotion and to get your name and talents heard. You must therefore make use of whatever free tools and platforms you can to help self-promotion. In this article, we look specifically at branding for musicians and how you can create different promotional material for free.

Why is Branding Important as a Musician?

Aside from your music, your image and branding are also important as a musician. You are essentially a whole package and you must promote your branding as much as your musical styles. If you can create successful branding, combined with quality music, you will gain a headstart and should be able to get exposure quicker. 

4 Useful Ways to Create Free Branding

To help, we have listed four useful free tools that musicians can use to create their branding. These tools cover the essential elements of modern branding including logos, and social media.

1. Logo Creator – Free Logo Creation

As a musician, you should have some type of logo or icon. Many musicians simply use a self-portrait, but a logo can offer greater distinction, and help you develop a stronger brand. Look at the Rolling Stones band, for example – most people recognize the bright red lips and tongue as their icon and it is something that stands out.

You can use free resources like Logo Creator to produce a free logo for your band or as a solo musician. Tools like this are usually easy to use and create fantastic end results.

2. Branding Organization – Canva

Once you have various branding elements created, it can be difficult to organize them and keep track of the items you are using. Luckily there are platforms like Canva that include branding organization tools.

Canva is a free platform that allows you to create a dedicated branding section for your business or as a solo musician/band etc. You can import logos from other sources, and you can also add color schemes and specific font styles that you want to use. It is relatively easy to use, and you can then incorporate this branding into your social media posts etc.

3. Email Signature Generation – Hubspot

As a musician, you will often have to respond to emails and send your own emails. For example, you may have to reply to business enquiries or reach out to record companies and venues for work. When doing so, you should have a branded email signature.

Firstly, having a branded email signature looks professional – businesses and potential venues will see the signature and hopefully be impressed, but also it can contain your contact details and social media links. An email signature also helps your branding remain consistent.

HubSpot has an email signature generator that is free to use. You can use this simple tool to generate a branded signature in no time at all.

4. Social Media Branding Templates – Adobe Express

Finally, part of your branding should be to create a consistent voice and style on social media. As a musician, you will undoubtedly use social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram to promote your work.

Adobe Express is an online platform that has thousands of templates for social media posts. These include YouTube thumbnails, Instagram stories, Facebook cover photos, and more. You can use these templates and customize them to suit your own branding. Also, these templates all use the correct sizes for their relative social media platforms so you don’t need to worry about resizing them. 

We hope you have found this article useful. Your music should obviously be the focal point of your career and development. However, you should take time to develop your branding as a musician too. Hopefully, the tools we have listed can help you do this!

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