Music Through the Ages:  Part 2

Music Through the Ages: Part 2

In my last blog, “Music through the ages: part 1”, we reminisced and listened to some great nostalgic music from around the world.  Since we ventured through the years 1920 to 1950, I wanted to continue through the decades up to the 1990’s.

1960’s music

Let’s dive right into it with a hit from an American sensation, Crash Craddock called, “Boom Boom Baby”.  He was extremely popular in Australia, and was often compared to Elvis Presley.  What do you think?


Over 9600 miles away in Brazil, Sergio Mendes was heating up the summer nights with his Bossa Nova hit, “Primitivo”.

1970’s music

There were so many amazing songs that emerged in the 1970’s – it was difficult for me to choose.

This fantastic tune was a mega hit for the amazingly talented Marvin Gaye.  “Let’s Get it On” made the ladies…and gentlemen swoon in 1973.


Meanwhile in Japan, the band Happy End was causing quite the buzz.  Their hit, “Ayakashi no Dōbutsuen” was rising on the Japanese charts.

1980’s music

My absolute favorite musical decade of all time is the 80’s.  I figured it would be suitable to choose one of my favorite songs.

The first version of “Tainted Love” was released as a B-side single by Gloria Jones in 1965.  However, the 1981 version by Soft Cell ranks as one of the top 100 best selling one-hit wonders.


In South Africa, the band Dog Detachment was making history by being one of the earliest Post-Punk groups.  Here is their hit, “The Last Laugh”.

1990’s music

When I think of the 90’s, I think of Nirvana.  The 1991 smash, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” is noted for being one of the greatest songs in the history of rock music.


In 1994, Irish Rock band, The Cranberries, released their mega hit called, “Zombie”.  It was also a number 1 hit on the US charts.


Once again, I had so much fun putting this together.  I might have to make a part 3 which would include music from the early 2000’s to 2017.

If you have a comment, or would like to share your favorite song from 1960-1990, please let us know below.

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